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Spiritual Revolution 5 Week intensive Coaching Remove Blocks, Limiting Beliefs, Old Storyl
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Sacred Nutrition Coaching

Sacred Nutrition is based on the idea that food is not only a source of energy, but also a source of healing and wellness. By healing your relationship with food, you allow your body to access the resources it needs for self-healing and optimal health. You also create a foundation for a healthy and happy life.


Angela will guide you through a journey of transformation and empowerment. You will learn how to listen to your body’s signals, honor your hunger and fullness, and cope with your emotions without using food. You will also learn how to practice gratitude, compassion, and forgiveness towards yourself and others.


Sacred Nutrition is not a diet or a quick fix. It is a lifestyle change that will help you find peace and joy in your body and soul.


With over 20 years of experience as an energy worker, Reverend Angela holds Master/Teacher certifications in various Reiki traditions. She is also a certified sound healer, specializing in singing bowls and tuning forks. 

In addition to her energy work, Angela is deeply involved in the pagan community. She practices a blend of Modern Traditional Witchcraft and Baltic Folk Magick. As a third-year student at Woolsten Steen Theological Seminary, a Wiccan seminary college in Washington State, she leads online devotional services through the Aquarian Tabernacle Church to contribute to the spiritual community.

Reverend Angela currently offers several one on one spiritual counseling services, depending on your personal needs.  Soul Care Sessions are completely individualized, and can include simply talking through concerns and life challenges, alternative healing, guided imagery therapy, and more, while the multi-session programs have specific questions and a structured flow with the intention to remove blocks and limiting beliefs.

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